Is it about time for your house to upgrade or replace its existing windows? If you are about to contact a local contractor or expert to discuss window installation, you are obviously already doing some research on the topic. But if you want to go beyond basic with your next installation, there are a variety of features that modern windows can provide that you might want to consider. Here are three specific types of windows or window features that you can get a local contractor or window expert to install for you. Inquire about one of these types of windows today to take your installation to another level.

Double or Triple Panes Can Add Additional Insulation

Have you had issues in the past with your house's windows letting in a draft? Not only does a drafty window create an unpleasant environment, but it also increases your energy bill. Today, it's possible to get windows that are built with two or three panes right out of the box. The panes can trap air between them before it makes it all the way into the house. Double or triple panes are a great way to boost your house's insulation and will make quite the difference in comfort level as well if you are currently coming from a drafty, single-pane window.

Soundproof Windows or a Soundproof Treatment Can Turn the Volume Down

Do you live in a family-oriented neighborhood where there are always kids playing street hockey, basketball, or other noisy street sports? That could be quite distracting if you are trying to work in your home office or take an afternoon nap. Today, it's possible to get windows that are soundproof to prevent sound from outside the house from getting in. These windows will also keep the noise inside your house where it belongs, so you can feel free to crank the volume on that new home theater system or host a birthday party with lots of screaming kids without worrying about bothering your neighbors with noise.

Windows With Built-In Tinting Can Offer Privacy or Shade

Some windows can today come with UV or privacy tinting installed. UV tinting will protect leather furniture and dim the brightness level of the sun, allowing you some additional shade. Tinting can also provide some additional privacy, making it so you can see out into the neighborhood but the neighbors won't be able to see in.