Choosing the right shades for the windows in your home can be challenging since there are so many options. However, honeycomb, or cellular, shades have benefits worth considering. If you want shades that improve energy efficiency, muffle noise, and block light, then honeycomb shades might be the ideal fit for your home. Here's some more information about these shades.

The Honeycomb Design Insulates The Windows

These shades are made with a honeycomb design that contains small air cells under the fabric covering. You can buy shades with one, two, or three layers of cells. The more layers a shade has, the more expensive it is, and the better it insulates your windows. This provides benefits during both summer and winter. When the shades are attached to tracks along the sides of the window frames, cold air is blocked from leaking in during the winter and from leaking out during the summer. This added insulation for your windows can help keep your home more comfortable while controlling your energy bills. The insulation can also help muffle sound, which you might appreciate if you live near a highway or if you have to sleep during the day.

You Can Choose The Amount Of Light You Want

You can buy honeycomb shades made from a material that blacks out the windows so your room is dark during the day. This is helpful if you sleep during the day or if you want a dark room for binge-watching movies. If you prefer, you can buy shades that only filter light so the room isn't dark, yet you still have privacy. If your needs change from day to day, you might consider buying room darkening shades and then opening them partially when you want light. Honeycomb shades can lower from the top while the bottom is closed to let in light while maintaining privacy. They can also fold up from the bottom and tuck away under a valance to let in maximum natural light during the day.

There Are Several Styles To Choose From

While function is important, so is appearance. Honeycomb shades have pleats in them, and you can choose whether you want the size of the pleats to be small, medium, or large so you get the right look for your rooms. You can also choose shades in a variety of colors. You can even buy honeycomb shades without cords so they are kid- and pet-friendly.

Honeycomb shades can be paired with drapes to create an endless number of color and pattern combinations. You'll find shades that make your home beautiful while providing privacy and insulation. Check out companies like Caseys Window Coverings LLC for more information.