As summer slowly comes to an end, you may go ahead and prepare your house for fall. Depending on your area's weather conditions, fall can be just as harsh as the cold season. To combat fall's unpredictable weather, replace your entry doors. Poorly insulated or hung doors could spell trouble for your home this season. Here are reasons to replace the doors around your house and how you can do it. 

What's Going on With Your Entrances?

Like your roof and windows, your doors are your first line of defense against harsh weather. However, doors that lack sufficient insulation might not keep wind and rain at bay this fall. If the thresholds, frames, and other parts of your doors are in poor condition, they can also fail this fall.

Inspect every door in your home to see if it's in poor repair. You want to look for doors that:

  • appear lopsided or out of alignment with the adjacent walls and door frames
  • look nicked, scratched, rotted, or pitted with termite and wood-eating beetle damage
  • seem sticky or won't close properly

You also want to look at your doors' thresholds, latches, and hinges. There shouldn't be any light filtering through the thresholds. Your latches and locks should also fit together properly, and the hinges should be tight. If you notice any of these conditions or the problems above, install new doors.

What Installation Steps and Decisions Should You Consider?

It may seem complicated to install new doors around your home. However, you can make the process easy by having a contractor do the work for you. A contractor can remove your old doors, including their frames and hinges, before they install new entry doors in their place.

You want to take this opportunity to choose entry doors that work best for your home during every season of the year. An installer may provide a guide book to help you choose the right entry doors for your house. Some installers offer select types of exterior doors to fit their clientele's needs. The selection may include insulated or non-insulated:

  • hardwood doors 
  • fiberglass doors
  • steel doors

You can also choose doors with glass panels or inserts to make your home safer during the year. These types of doors allow you to see outside the home without having to open them. 

You can receive additional information about installing new entry doors on your house by contacting an entry door installation service today.