Do you have a window installation scheduled for the near future? If so, you may be wondering what you'll need to do prior to when the installers arrive. Here are a few things that you'll want to take care of.

Clear Out Room To Work

The window installation company will need easy access to both sides of the window in order to perform the installation. That means you need to move furniture around before the installers arrive so that they have an area to work. Move those couches, end tables, and anything else that could be in the way. Take down curtains or blinds that can easily get in the way.

The same applies for the exterior of your home. You may have shrubs in the way, but you can do the installers a favor by clearing out the area as much as possible. Take a leaf blower and clear the area of loose debris, which will make it easier for them to clean up the mess that is made.

Take Down Loose Objects

Your home will see a lot of banging on the nearby wall to install the new windows. You'll want to be proactive and take down things that may fall down from the construction. For instance, you may have photos hung up on your walls that have glass in the frame, or items on a fireplace mantle that could fall off and break when they hit the ground. It may seem like an annoyance to put these things away, but it will prevent items from breaking.

Put Down Protective Floor And Furniture Coverings

You can never be sure about how installers will treat your home when they are in it. They may take off their shoes every time they are inside, or just walk through your home without much regard to your flooring. Consider putting down drop cloth or old towels in the path where they will be walking.You can even use tape to secure it in place. If you have carpeting, this will help prevent unnecessary cleaning when the job is finished.

In addition, you should also cover furniture in rooms where the windows will be replaced. While window installers are usually good about taping plastic to the wall to prevent debris from getting into the house, there may be stray debris that gets in. Putting covers on you furniture will ensure that everything is clean when the installers are finished.