The hunt for replacement windows begins with the decision of frame material. While certain glass elements such as numbers of panes and gas-filling can affect the look and efficiency of the window's glass, the frame material can make a larger difference in both how the window performs and looks. Vinyl windows are one of the most popular types of replacement windows thanks to the relatively low cost, high performance, and aesthetic qualities.

Here are a few practical and aesthetic reasons you should consider vinyl windows for your home.

Energy Efficiency

Window energy efficiency is primarily measured in a metric called U-factor, which represents the window's thermal conductivity. A lower U-factor number means the window is better at keeping the outside temperatures out there and your indoor temperatures inside.

Vinyl window frames easily beat aluminum frames in U-factor even when the aluminum frame has an added layer of insulation. For example, a window with double-paned glass filled with argon and an extra efficiency film added on would have a U-factor of 0.46 with an insulated aluminum frame but a 0.34 with a vinyl frame. For an aluminum frame without the insulation added, the U-factor falls all the way down to 0.64.

The energy efficiency of vinyl is on par with wood windows, which tend to be far costlier.

Low Maintenance and Appearance Durability

Vinyl has other advantages over wood than the price difference. Wood expands and contracts when the weather outside gets very hot or very cold. This expansion-contraction cycle can cause the wood to start to warp and crack even with proper weatherproofing. So you will likely need to perform routine maintenance on the wood windows to keep the frames lasting a longer period of times.

Vinyl windows aren't as sensitive to weather changes as wood, so the frames need far less maintenance. And because the frame already comes a certain color, you don't have to worry about chipping paint in the future, either.

Modern, Customized Look

Vinyl frames are available to suit a wide variety of window types including casements, double-hung, and even bay windows. The frames are available in a range of colors that can give you a certain aesthetic touch to both your indoor window sills and outdoor frames.

Vinyl frames are slightly wider than wood or aluminum, which can take away a small amount of glass space. But this might prove an advantage in windows that seem overly wide or where you want a visual accent. For more information about vinyl windows, contact a company like Beissel Window & Siding.