If you want to install new windows in your home or business, you probably want a low cost, no-nonsense product that will be durable and stylish... Vinyl might be your answer! When it comes to window frames, there are very few materials that are better then vinyl. It is a material that is popular for a number of reasons. This artcile will highlight just a few of the factors that make vinyl such a great window frame material.

Vinyl Has a Soft, Matte Texture

Vinyl is very different from plastic, aluminum or fiberglass frames because it has a softer texture. First, this gives the window frame a less shiny look. Many homeowners appreciate the more natural, homey look of vinyl over shiny plastic and metal frames. Second, this slight texture also reduces friction on sliding window frames. Movable windows can slide open and closed without any special lubrication. The softer feel of vinyl textures is also more desirable. Also, fingerprints and smudges are less visible on a matte vinyl frame.

Vinyl is Waterproof

Many people are drawn to vinyl largely because it is waterproof. This means that it never needs to be painted or stained to be protected from the elements. This also means that it can be cleaned with most standard household cleaning liquids. Luckily for the homeowners, vinyl does not really need any special treatment or care. It is a truly nononsense material.

Vinyl is Made in Many Different Colors

You can have vinyl made in just about any color your could imagine. It is easy to find a color that matches with the trim around the rest of your home. While white might be the most common trim color, you can find a wide range of darker, bolder colors. Vinyl frames are not painted. Instead, they are dyed so the entire frame is the same color. This means that small scratches and dents will be less visible. You will not need to get out the touch up paint to repair small dings in your vinyl frames.

These are just a few of the reasons that so many business and homeowners love vinyl windows. Vinyl is a great product for the customer who wants a low cost, low maintenance product. New vinyl windows will give your home a fresh new feel. They will increase the solar and thermal efficiency of your home and help you to run a greener household.