Choosing the right window treatments for a bar or restaurant setting is important for the establishment's ambiance and functionality. While curtains are often used to dampen sound and provide light control, they are often not as functional or versatile as shutters which can be used in a variety of different ways. For example, you can pull them across as well as adjust their louvers, in some cases. Find out more about the modern window treatments available for busy commercial premises, like bars and restaurants, and why standard curtains shouldn't always be your go-to option.

External Shutters

Window treatments don't have to be on the inside of a structure. You can often gain more space inside when they are fitted on the outside. External shutters offer just this sort of flexibility. They are meant to be pulled across the window from the outside without needing to reach past paying customers who might be seated at window tables too. This type of window treatment is suited to smaller windows as well as much larger, floor-to-ceiling windows. Bi-folding external shutters can cover virtually any expanse of glazing you might imagine. Furthermore, they are manufactured from a variety of materials, offering plenty of design flexibility to match your outlet's décor.

Plantation-Style Shutters

An increasingly popular choice for bars and restaurants, plantation shutters seem very modern despite having been around for many years. They lend an on-trend level of sophistication and elegance to all restaurant interiors wherever they're installed. The wide louvers of this type of window treatment are excellent at allowing natural light into bars without them being too bright in the daytime. They also offer privacy from outside observers. These stylish products can be tailored to fit any window shape, including circular or arched windows, adding a unique design element.

Adhesive Frosting

Unlike most other window treatments, adhesive frosting provides an affordable and flexible solution. Stuck directly onto the panes of a window, this material offers a high degree of privacy, allowing patrons to enjoy their meals or drinks without feeling exposed to the public. Simultaneously, it diffuses natural light softly, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. Of course, you can combine it with other window treatments, including shutters, for even greater flexibility. Business owners should note that it can also be customized with various patterns or logos, serving as a low-cost branding opportunity.

Roller Shutters

Finally, roller shutters offer a different set of advantages. These are especially useful for bars and restaurants located in busy urban settings or regions prone to inclement weather. Why? Because they offer excellent security when the establishment is closed as well as providing an effective barrier against noise, heat, and cold. They can also be motorized for easy operation, making them a convenient option in busy establishments.

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