If you don't have screens on your doors, then you could be dealing with so many issues that you don't have to. Once you learn about some of the ways a screen door can benefit you, you may decide you want to have them installed for all your doors leading outside, including the sliding glass doors. Here is more information on some advantages of having door screens installed:  

You can enjoy the weather without the house getting dirty 

If you open your doors to let the nice weather in, and you don't have screens in place, then you will end up with anything that gets blowing in the wind coming inside the house. This can include leaves, twigs, trash, and a lot of other things. If you have a screen door in place, then these things won't be able to come into the house. This means you won't end up with messes that you have to clean up. 

You can keep pests from coming into the house 

Another problem that can happen when you leave the doors open in your house is that pests can easily come inside. This can include very large pests that would otherwise have a difficult time finding another way in due to their size and inability to fit through small cracks. It also includes flying pests, such as flies, that can become a huge irritation by trying to go after your food and continuing to land on you. Also, it can keep out bees, wasps, mosquitoes, and other ones that can end up stinging you. 

You can prevent animals from coming inside the house

When you leave your doors open, you can also end up with animals coming into the house. Some can be destructive, or even vicious. The screen door will prevent them from being able to walk right into your home. 


Now that you have a better idea of some ways screen doors can help to protect your home, you may see why you should have them installed throughout your home. Something else to consider is how having screen doors installed on the sliding glass doors can be more convenient for you. If you are enjoying people over for an outdoor barbecue, then having the sliding glass doors open makes it easier for you to bring dishes outside. Plus, you can continue talking to your guests while you go in and out of the house for things.