Blinds make great window treatments for apartment communities. They are relatively affordable, can be cleaned in place, and close to offer substantial privacy. But which blinds should you choose for your apartment units? Here are some tips to help you select the most suitable ones.

Look for hard, cleanable material

In some settings, soft fabric blinds might be an okay choice or even a good choice. But in apartments, you really want to go with blinds made from a hard, easily cleanable material like vinyl or plastic. The vinyl or plastic can be wiped down quickly, and dirt will come off of it easily. Fabric blinds cling to dust a lot more and are harder to clean. (They often have to be removed from the windows before you can clean them, which takes more time.)

Make sure they close completely

Some blinds only close partway, which means they are good at limiting sunlight but not so good at granting privacy. In an apartment community where there are always lots of people around, you really want to choose blinds that close completely. Try them out before you buy them, if possible. When the blinds are as "closed" as possible, they should be flat against one another and you should not see any light peering between them.

Look for easy open/close mechanisms

You might rent to some tenants who have arthritis or carpal tunnel, and who therefore struggle to open and close blinds with really intricate systems. Classic, string-operated blinds, for example, may be hard for someone with limited dexterity to use. So, look for blinds that are easy to open and close, such as those that operate with the touch or slide of a button. Remote control blinds can work well, but make sure they come with extra remotes so you can replace the ones your tenants might lose over the years.

Opt for a neutral color

You don't want to use really colorful blinds in an apartment because your residents will then struggle to decorate around them. Instead, choose a neutral color, such as light gray, cream, or tan. Also, stay away from dark colors since they'll bleach out in the sun over time. 

Choosing blinds for an apartment community is not always easy, but with the tips above, you can make a wise selection. Over time, you'll learn what your tenants do and do not like, and you can put their feedback to use when choosing replacement blinds.

Reach out to a window treatment supplier to find blinds for apartment complexes