These days, if you opt to replace your windows, you have a number of materials to choose from. Of course, there are the old standbys — like wood and aluminum. But one material that is becoming more and more popular over the past few years is composite. A blend of wood fibers and cement, composite makes a really good window frame and sash material. However, it is not exactly perfect for everyone. Here are some pros and cons to consider before opting for composite windows.

Pro: Composite windows won't rot.

The key reason why wood windows are less popular than they once were is rot. When wood is exposed to moisture over time, rot often sets in. It's impossible to fully protect windows from moisture, which is why wood windows almost always rot eventually. Composite windows, on the other hand, won't rot. The cement around the wood fibers keeps the wood fibers from coming into direct contact with water. 

Con: Composite windows are heavy.

Since composite contains cement, it is heavy. This may make it harder to open and close your windows if you have double-hung windows. It's less of an issue if you have windows that swing open and shut. 

Pro: Composite windows don't need painting.

When you buy composite windows, the color extends all of the way through the composite. You don't have to worry about the color chipping off, and you don't have to worry about painting the windows. The color will remain vibrant and consistent without this maintenance.

Con: Composite windows can be expensive.

Composite windows come at a range of prices. However, they do tend to be more expensive than windows framed and encased in vinyl or aluminum. If you are on a tight budget, composite may not be the window material for you.

Pro: Composite can be eco-friendly.

Composite uses a lot of natural and recycled materials. Many brands use wood fibers that are leftover from the milling process used to make other wood items. Those fibers would otherwise go to waste. Some of the cement components also tend to be recycled. Plus, the fact that these windows last so long makes them a green option. 

Considering the information above should simplify your choice of window materials. Talk to your window replacement contractor to get a better idea of the exact brands and lines of windows they prefer. Brands do vary somewhat, and each has its own advantage.

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