If you have a screen that has become broken, and you need to replace the screen, put some thought into what type of screen material you want to use. Here are three types of screens that can do more than provide a barrier to the outside.

#1 Improve Your View

If you want to see better out of your window, and you feel like your current screen impedes your view too much, you can improve your view by purchasing an enhanced viewing screen. These types of screens use thinner yarn in order to create the screen. The thinner yarn will increase your visibility when you look out your windows and will allow more sunlight into your home via your windows. This is great if you live somewhere that gets lots of sunlight throughout the year.

#2 Keep Out the Bugs

If you live somewhere where lots of extremely small bugs tend to breed, you may want to put in a screen that keeps bugs out. These type of screens are typically called 'no-see-ums" or "bug-proof" screens. The yarn used on these screens are woven more tightly together than they are on most screens, resulting in a screen that will keep even the tiniest bugs out of your house.

These are great screens to have in place if you live near the water or near a marsh, where tiny bugs are more prevalent.

#3 Limit the Sunlight

If you feel like too much sunlight and ultraviolet rays get into your house, you can install a screen that limits how much sunlight enters your home. Limiting the sunlight that gets into your home can help lower your cooling costs during the summer months.

You can get different degrees of sunlight blockage, right up to around 100%. However, the higher the level of sunlight that the screen blocks, the less you are going to be able to see out of the window to the outside. If you want to keep sun out of your house but also still see through you'll window, you'll want to pick a lower percentage of sunlight blockage so you can still enjoy a bit of a view. 

If you want to improve your view out of your window, keep the bugs out, or limit the sunlight that enters your home, make sure that you purchase replacement mesh for your window screen that is specifically designed for that purpose. If you like the effect of your new mesh, you can replace the mesh in the other window screens in your house as well. Talk to a company like Custom View Exteriors for more information.