No matter where you live, your windows are vulnerable to outside forces. They can be damaged by a hailstorm, a neighborhood baseball game, or a slipping ladder. When you have a broken window, you obviously need to have someone replace it. Until you can contact a contractor and have that work done, you can DIY a temporary solution and keep the elements out.

Shattered Pane

A shattered pane in a window has to be properly addressed at some point, but you can temporarily fix the problem. First, you'll need to remove all the broken glass. Do put on some thick gloves first or you risk a trip to the emergency room. Then you need to cover the opening. Fortunately, you make a decent patch with some thick plastic. Fold a plastic sheet into several layers and staple it to the inside of the window frame. If you wish, you can also staple a patch on the inside of the window frame as well, which is particularly helpful at keeping the cold out in the winter time. Experts also suggest using a folded garbage bag if necessary. It may not be the most attractive patch, but it'll get the job done.

Window Frame

Often, a broken wooden window frame is due to rot. If the damage is significant enough, the entire pane will need to be replaced. In the short term, you may be able to splint the break with another piece of wood. However, if the wood won't hold a nail, you'll have to search for another temporary solution. You may need to nail a piece of wood over the entire window to keep the glass from slipping out onto the ground.To keep the cold or heat out, you should add a layer of plastic to the inside of the window. For smaller affected areas, you can use epoxy filler for sill repairs. You can buy this substance at any home improvement store.This method should buy you at least a year or two before you need to replace the sill.

Broken windows are pretty common, but sometimes you have to wait to get them fixed. You can make some DIY repairs to tide you over for a few weeks or even months, if necessary. Don't wait too long, however. A good wind storm or some frigid weather may not be kept out by your quick fixes. Contact a company like Windows Plus to get a long-lasting solution.