Remodeling your home can be a great way to improve the aesthetic of your living space and add value to your property in the future. If you are planning to update your home's kitchen, you will likely want to replace existing windows with newer products. Here are three things that you will need to consider when determining which type of window is the best option for your new kitchen.

1. Environmental Exposure

Being exposed to extreme sun, rain, or other elements can take a toll on your kitchen windows. When trying to determine which type of window will best suit your needs during a kitchen remodel, it's essential that you take the environmental exposure a window will have to endure into consideration.

If your kitchen window is located on the side of your home that sees a lot of sun, a wood window frame will fade and crack. Wood can also be a poor choice for windows that face heavy wind or rain. Opting for an aluminum-clad wood window instead will give you the look you want without the threat of deterioration in the near future.

2. Ease Of Opening

Having the ability to easily open the windows in your kitchen can be beneficial. Not only do open windows help to create a breeze that will cool your kitchen when baking elevates the room temperature, but an open window can be a great way to get rid of smoke and odors as well. Double-hung windows can be difficult to open if they are located over kitchen cabinets, and a casement window that swings out can obstruct walking paths.

By taking the ease of opening into consideration before investing in windows for your kitchen, you will be able to determine if a sliding window will be most convenient, or if a more complex style of window will be easily accessible.

3. Energy Efficiency

Making your home more energy efficient could add value to your remodeling project. Selecting energy efficient windows is a simple way to elevate your remodel to the next level.

Experts estimate that double-pane windows can reduce energy consumption by up to 24% during the cool months, and by up to 18% during the warm months. In addition to helping cut your energy costs, double-pane windows can also help reduce the amount of noise pollution that enters into your home.

Selecting the right replacement windows for your kitchen remodel is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Consider the level of environmental exposure, the ease of opening, and the energy efficiency of each option before making the best window choice for your kitchen.