Charging more for a rental home can help you earn additional income each month, but it can be difficult to find tenants if the home does not match the price. An easy way to update the exterior of the home and be able to charge for additional rent is through getting a new front door installed. With a focus on a front entry door that has window panels, you can enjoy a number of great benefits listed below. 

Adds to the Overall Curb Appeal

If you are eager to improve the appearance of your rental home, there is no better start than the front door. Not only is this the first thing potential tenants will see, it is also how any neighbors will see the home—making it a great idea to replace a worn-out door with one that has window panels. Some ideas for window panels include a glass pane, side panels instead of a single cut-out, or even stained glass in a unique design.

Brings More Sunlight Inside

Natural light is a priority for many potential renters when they begin checking out available homes, but installing new windows in areas that currently do not have any can get expensive. With a front door that has glass panels in it, you can bring in a lot of extra light that could make up for smaller windows or if the front of the home has only a single window or two.

Gives You a Better View

While a peephole can be an effective way of seeing outdoors to check on who is at the door or what is going on outside, it can be quite small and often does not give you a wide range. With a glass panel instead, you can get a good view of the outside.

Looks High-Quality

In order to charge more for rent, you need to focus on projects that will help make the home look upscale. A basic front door is functional, but it does not offer the same appeal as a glass-paned door. With all of the variations in doors and the glass design, you may be able to attract renters willing to pay for these kinds of upscale additions.

An Ideal, Neutral Style Addition

While some upgrades to your rental home can be quite particular depending on the renter, such as new flooring or paint colors, a front door is something that almost everyone can agree on. With a new glass-windowed front door, the home can look appealing to practically anyone and help the home look great on your street.

Replacing the front door to your home can help it stand out more and give it the polished look you desire. In order for the door to offer all of the benefits you are looking for, consider the above reasons to insist on a glass-windowed door. For more information, contact a company like Mister Window Inc.