After your sliding glass door has been installed, it isn't quite ready to use just yet. It first needs to be thoroughly cleaned, so that it is will not only look great, but function properly for you. Cleaning it can go quite smoothly for you if you use a few specific tools and techniques. This article will discuss 3 tips for cleaning your newly installed sliding patio door. 

Clean Out The Track

During the sliding patio door installation process, your door may gather some dirt, saw dust, and other dust in the track of the door. This dust can make it so that your door will not slide quite as smoothly as you would like, and overtime it can cause the door to get stuck. To remove this dust, you will want to start off by using a small hand brush, or even a toothbrush, to loosen the dirt and debris from the track. Once it is loosened, you will then use an extendable handle on a vacuum to suck up all of the dust. You can then test your door to see how it opens, and repeat the process if you find anymore dirt or dust in the track. 

Lubricate The Track 

After you have cleaned the track, you are going to want to lubricate it so that the door has a smooth surface to slide on. A great grease that can be purchased at almost any home store is WD-40. Simply use the nozzle that comes with the WD-40, and place it along the track of the sliding door. Spray enough on the door to grease it, without making it too wet with the grease. Once again, you will want to test your door once you have done this to see if you need to add more grease. You will likely want to grease your door occasionally overtime, whenever you notice it is having trouble gliding. 

Use A Razor Blade To Clean The Glass

When the glass door is being installed it will come with a protective plastic on it. While this plastic may be mostly removed during the installation process, there may be a small amount that is left behind. Also, there may be paint on the door, due to the fact that the area surrounding the door was painted following its installation. In order to remove both the plastic and the paint, you can use a small razor blade. Simply slide the razor blade up and down against the glass. Once all of the plastic and paint particles have been removed, you can then use a glass cleaner to make your door shine.