So, you have a new double-hung window installation and you want to hang a wreath from the outside of the window. Whether you're decorating with a fall wreath, Halloween wreath or a Christmas wreath, hanging a wreath from your new double-hung window can be damaging to the window. Taping the wreath to the window can rip the caulk or glaze off the window sash. Nailing the wreath to the window can puncture holes in and around the window sash and allow moisture to damage the window frame. So, how can you hang a wreath from the outside of your new double-hung window without doing damage? It's easy. Read on to find out more.

Materials you'll need:

  • Wreath
  • Thick decorative ribbon (it should match the ribbon on the wreath)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • A partner


  1. Have a partner hold the wreath up to the window where you'd like it to be hung. Hold it at the height that you'd like it to be hung.
  2. Measure the distance from the top of the wreath to the top of the window.
  3. Unravel a length of the ribbon equal to the length that you measured in step 2, then add a couple feet. Cut the ribbon.
  4. Tie the ribbon to the back of the wreath, near the top. Or, if desired, tie the ribbon around wreath, near the top.
  5. At the end of the ribbon opposite the side that is tied to the wreath, tie a thick knot in the ribbon. Make it a double knot, so that it's extra thick and wide. Between the knot and the wreath, there should be a length of ribbon as long as the distance you measured in Step 2. If the knot is too far away from the wreath, undo it and move it up the ribbon. If it's too close to the ribbon, undo the knot and move it back.
  6. Have your partner stand outside the window and hold up the wreath to the spot on the window where you want the wreath to be hung.
  7. Go inside and open up the top section of your double-hung window by sliding it down on the track.
  8. Reach outside the window and grasp the knot at the end of the ribbon. You may need a ladder for this step.
  9. Hold onto the knot inside the window, then slide the double-hung window back up on its track, so that the knot at the end of the ribbon is inside the window, and the wreath is outside the window. Have your partner let go of the wreath. The wreath should now be hung from a decorative ribbon, and you haven't damaged the window in any way.

That's it! This method for hanging wreaths is simple, elegant and it doesn't damage your new double-hung window installation in any way.