One attribute that can change the way that your home looks is lighting. While you can install recessed lighting or chandeliers, natural light adds an element like no other. Natural light can make rooms look bigger and adds lighting that is less harsh. Having good natural light also means that you can use less electricity, saving on your utility bill. Here are some ways to let the light into the spaces of your home.

Rip down the blinds and put up drapes

Though blinds are great for controlling who can see inside of your home, they also make it hard to let the light in. If you have any blinds in your home, remove these and add panel curtains or drapes. Light colored drapes will give you privacy, while still allowing the sun to come through. Whether you are in the city or country, light drapes work wonders for decor that adds to light.

Clean your windows

Cleaning windows from the outside is important if you want to filter light straight through your windows. Get professional residential window cleaning. It is easy for dust, dirt, and grime. If you have a home that is several stories, it is likely that home window washing is difficult. Hire a firm, like Clear View, Inc., to come and wash your windows every few months. Clean windows will allow the rays to flow through unhindered, giving you complete light unobstructed by dirt.

Light reflecting accessories

Accessories that reflect light will help to filter sun rays into the room. The first thing that you can install is a mirror. Mirrors help to reflect light well and they also make rooms look larger. Translucent pieces and crystal accessories can be placed on tables that are situated around windows. These pieces will send light straight through them. Crystal accessories do not block or obstruct the room in any way, which makes it easier to enjoy the natural lighting inside of the room.

Repaint to reflect

Painting your rooms a darker color will typically net the room feeling dark. If you want to have color, go with an accent wall and keep the rest of the walls beige. No matter what color your home is, select a slightly lighter shade for the ceiling. If your walls are the standard builder's beige, your ceiling should be white. If your walls are colored, select a slightly lighter shade in the same color family to compliment the room.