Vinyl is one of the most popular products for window replacement...and for very good reason! Vinyl requires little to no maintenance. It adds a lot of insulation (both thermal and solar) to any property. It is made in a wide range of colors with different textures and finishes. It is also a very durable product that is often used in the construction of disaster-ready storm windows. Simply put, vinyl is a material that is ideal for any window in any property. This article will explain a few strong reasons for choosing vinyl for your replacement windows.

Vinyl is Cheap to Maintain

Vinyl is moderately priced. It's prices are comparable to wooden and aluminum windows. However, you will really start to save your money on vinyl because of the lack of maintenance. Wooden windows need to be stained and sealed every few years to protect against the elements. Aluminum windows are also susceptible to rusting, which is a particularly serious problem on sliding windows. Furthermore, these materials are much more difficult to clean. Wood and aluminum are easily damaged by water. Vinyl is impermeable and can withstand a constant barrage of water without getting damaged.

Vinyl is Lightweight

Vinyl is also a very light material. This means that you are able to buy a cheaper product. You (the consumer) will be the one to benefit from the reduced costs of shipping and installation. However, the lightweight characteristic of vinyl also means that it is great for sliding windows. You can slide large vertical windows open with ease. The lightness of the frame will make everyday operation of movable windows much less strenuous.

Vinyl is Durable

Vinyl might be light, but is a very strong material. It is very unlikely that you will be able to scratch or chip your vinyl surface (not that you would be trying on purpose). Vinyl is similar to plastic, but is slightly rubbery, making it more elastic and harder to scratch. Vinyl is the material of choice when it comes to storm window frames. It is tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions: from severe wind, to falling debris and ice storms. Even if you do not live in such a harsh climate, you will enjoy the benefits of owning such a strong material.

You might find even more reasons for investing in vinyl. It is hard to find any material that is more ideal for window frame construction. To learn more, contact a company like Alumaroll Awning & Window Co Inc.