If you have several windows in your home that you wish were a bit more private, and you do not care to use coverings as they darken your house too much as a result, there are a few other options you can incorporate into your windows themselves to give you the privacy you desire. Here are a few options you can use in your own home to increase the amount of privacy you have in windowed areas.

Replace Completely

A great way to increase privacy without the need of window covering is to have your windows replaced with brand new models that incorporate privacy right inside the glass. Consider purchasing windows that have mini-blinds enclosed between two panes of glass in the window. These can be adjusted easily according to your needs at the time, making it a snap to give your home added security or privacy with the twist of a knob. When you wish to add in extra sunlight, put the blinds into an open position to allow light into the room. If you want a more permanent solution, replace your windows with those that have a lightly frosted glass pane to distort visibility into your home.

Add Some Frosting

Windows can be frosted on your own using materials purchased in the glass department at a hardware store. Glass frosting comes in a spray form and can be applied to an entire pane or in a pattern so light can still be emitted into the room. To make a patterned window, simply tape a stencil over the glass you are frosting and spray the material into the open area of the stencil. Remove and place in a new area on the glass. This is a permanent frost that cannot be altered after it is applied.

For a less intrusive frost, use contact paper or professional window film on your window panes. To apply contact paper, peel the paper from the backing and press it down over the pane of glass. If you wish to add a patterned contact paper layer to your windows, trace a stencil directly to the paper, cut the shape using scissors, and apply in a pattern across your glass pane. These contact paper stickers can be removed or reapplied in a different pattern whenever you wish. Professional window film will have patterns already incorporated onto the paper used to cover the glass panes. They work in the same way, by peeling and sticking the film over the pane. 

Try Some Tint

While tinting your windows will alter the appearance from the outside to appear darkened, you will still be able to enjoy the outdoor view from the interior. Placing window tint is done much like professional window film, only it darkens the windows rather than covering them with a pattern. If you wish to alter the amount of tint your window portrays, consider using electronic window tint. This innovative new trend allows you to darken the amount of tinting your windows have by using electricity.

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